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Evergreen is a charity organisation that manages your donation in two ways:

  1. To purchase a Sadaqa House in Australia as a Waqf (Charitable Endowment), and distribute the rent from the Sadaqa House to Evergreen's recipients perpetually instead of a one-off donation.

  2. Directly distribute to the poor and needy most efficiently.

Partially collected funds for Sadaqa House are invested strategically in a low-risk land and property development sector in Australia in the form of cash Waqf. Once the fund reaches the desired limit a suitable and regular income-generating rental property is purchased as an Evergreen Sadaqa House.

The decision to transition from cash Waqf to Sadaqa House is determined with a goal to maximise the benefit for Evergreen recipients - poor and needy people from around the globe, particularly people suffering a humanitarian crisis.

This model has been reviewed and approved as Sharia compliant by Dr Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury, CEO Mercy Mission World, based in Malaysia.

Dr Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury is a world renowned scholar and daee, and a graduate of Islamic University of Madinah.