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Sleeping on a plastic sheet during this winter

Rohingyan refugees are kept in an area with multiple hills. They are sleeping on a plastic sheet on concrete or on the ground, with no insulation or protection from outside elements. There is an urgent need for warm blankets and mattresses. We have the permission to distribute warm blankets costing $8.50 and mattresses costing $10.50 each in the chilly Rohingyan camps and remote villages of Bangladesh. Our target is 1000 blankets and 75 mattresses totalling $9,300. Your $8.50 could make the difference for someone surviving this winter.


  • Blanket - $8.50 per blanket

  • Mattress - $10.50 per blanket

Sadaqa House (Sadaqa Jariya)

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If you want to know more about our innovative manner of helping the poor and needy, see Evergreen's Sadaqa House Project.

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