Help to grow a future for an underprivileged child

Evergreen provides education to the underprivileged children in Bangladesh to make them self-sufficient. Some of these kids are from poor families, single parent families as well as orphans. But that does not stop the children to dream for a bright future through education.

You can help Evergreen to give each child a great future. Through your generous contribution, you can give them access to a livelihood or maybe even a career, from which they may miss out due to their underprivileged situation.

009.Suraiya Akter Ratri
001.Abdullah Al Saimon
008.Shorna Akhter

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011.Mita Akter
002.Rimu Akter
010.Sumaiya Akter

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007.Saif Khan
003.Aeyesa Akhter
004.Helena Akhter

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012.Rumi Khatun
005.Khadija Akhter
013.Monira Akter

Grow the future of a child in two easy steps. Both monthly recurrent (specific child) and one off (any child in need) sponsorships are welcome.

1. Setup a monthly recurrent payment of $55 to:

2. Email recurrent payment setup evidence to: 

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- OR - Set up a monthly recurrent or one off sponsorship via PayPal.

Note: A monthly recurrent or one off payment of six months or more, both will go to a specific child you choose. Otherwise, it will be allocated to the child most in need. Please donate generously.

A payment fee of 1.1% + $0.30 will be added to "set amount" donations to cover the transaction cost funded by credit/debit cards within Australia. See PayPal fees for more details. 

Note: All your donations over $2 are tax-deductible as per regulations of the Australian Taxation Office. A tax receipt (DGR) can be requested via an email with your name, pay date, amount and fund transfer evidence to: It will be sent to you within 10 business days, insha'Allah.

Note: Some of the children were only given a first name at the time of their birth. During their school enrollment, the staff nominated a family name for official purposes. You may notice some unrelated children have the same family name for that reason.

Management has the right to reallocate funds between children based on urgent needs or special circumstances.